Adapters and Cables


Gilmore Global Instruments has an extensive history of building high quality ratio adapters that meet or exceed strict OEM standards and the U.S. Government’s M10215 standard. GGI first started building ratio adapters in 1950 for Stewart Warner and S.S. White and became the primary builder and distributor for the Reliance/MassTech adapter products in 1980. In 2008, GGI purchased the Reliance/MassTech brand in its entirety and has been committed to producing superior products while advancing technology.

Also known as right angle drives for speedometer and tachometer cables, Ratio adapters, come in a variety of styles, gear ratios, and connections.


GGI manufactures a variety of control cable types including:

Flexible Shaft / Tachometer

Push Pull



Panel Control Systems


Cables are available from custom one-piece orders for individuals and specific jobs, to large multi-thousand production runs for OEM and government clients. Because we have produced rotary cables since 1950, we are able to replicate most existing cables and have access to a large amount of S.S.White, Stewart Warner, and other vintage cable fittings. We also distribute components and bulk material for cable production to OEMs and other cable builders. All flexible shaft cables built by GGI are certified under the U.S. Government’s M10215 standard.