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Stewart Warner is one of the oldest and most respected instrumentation brands in the world. Stewart brand speedometers were used in the original Model T. Today, Stewart Warner continues its long standing policy of quality, reliability, and solid good looking instruments.

Gilmore Global Instruments has been a distributor for Stewart Warner since 1950. Stewart Warner is one of our most popular brands, and we are proud to offer such a superior product. We are a “Class A” distributor for Stewart Warner and we also provide technical support for Stewart Warner’s clients.

In 1998 Stewart Warner was purchased by Maxima Technologies which also owns Datcon. Gilmore already had a solid relationship with Datcon so the merger simply added another level to Gilmore’s deep partnerships with both Stewart Warner and Datcon.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or peruse the Stewart Warner Catalog If you are looking for information on the Stewart Warner performance line click here.