Establish An Account

Gilmore Global Instruments encourages all clients to establish an active account with us. We run a state-of-the-art system that allows us to track every single transaction for our customers all the way down to individual parts and pennies. We have kept up our records this vigorously since 1990.

We offer “Net 30” payment terms to all clients with an established account.

If you do not wish to operate on “Net 30” terms, we also accept credit cards and wire transfers. Please let us know what works best for your business. If you are a customer outside of the U.S. or Canada please contact our accounting office for details on how to proceed.

To open an account with us please fill out the credit application found in the link below:

Credit Application

Simply fill out the credit application and then contact our Accounts Receivable department.  If your business has any special requests or needs, please feel free to let us know when setting up your account so that we may better serve you.

The contact information for accounts receivable is as follows:

Accounts Receivable:

Vicky Copley – Department Head: Accounts Receivable

Ph:      (713) 946 9133
Fax:    (713) 946 9694

We look forward to doing business with you.