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Owned by Maxima Technologies, Datcon is a world leader in electronics focusing on custom and standardized vehicle instrumentation, controls, and components. Datcon is also the manufacturer of the world's only Direct Data-Bus instrumentation that does not require a controller. This proprietary & patented technology is one of Datcon's crowning achievements.

Gilmore Global Instruments has been a Datcon distributor since 1976 and is classified as a Master Warehouse Distributor. Gilmore’s relationship with Datcon can be described as rock solid and long term. Because of our experience, technical expertise, and close relationship with Datcon, we were asked to become a technical support center for Datcon. We work very closely with Datcon’s engineers to ensure that you receive the best possible products and services.

When matching up instrumentation for a client, Datcon is typically the first line offered because of its surpassing quality, affordability, and reliability.

Technical & Promotion Information

Below are the latest promotions and technical breakdowns for Maxima's newest products. If you need information on a specific unit that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Datcon Direct Databus Instruments

Multi-Function Display

Miniature Multi-Function Display

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Direct Databus


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