Jones™ Mechanical Tachometers

Jones tachometers have been an industry standard since the early 1900’s, and are still highly sought to this day. Jones units are the only non-electronic mechanical tachometers in existence that have a “max hand” memory function. These units are robust, simple, and deeply traditional. After a bankruptcy in 2014, the Jones line was purchased in its entirety by Gilmore Global Instruments, and we’ve done our best to maintain and build its legacy.

New & Replacement Products

The most popular Jones products are now back in production, but we also have a large stock of parts for some of the older and more unusual units. If you’re looking for a quote or just some general information, please contact us.


We also offer repair and maintenance services. Many of the older units are no longer available, and the parts to build new units simply don’t exist. We recognize this issue, so we have decided to offer repair and support services for all Jones products. Please note that each repair is done a case-by-case basis as our ability to service is limited by the remaining parts we have stocked.