Flexible Shaft Cables

Commonly known as Tachometer or Speedometer cables, Flexible Shaft cables come in a variety of styles and formats. Gilmore Global Instruments has specialized in building Flex Shaft cables since 1950, and we can replicate or replace nearly any type no matter how exotic.

While most of our customers prefer to purchase completed Flex Shafts, a number of our customers manufacture them. If you are a manufacturer of Flex Shafts, Gilmore Global Instruments provides full array of components, including large volumes of casing and core. We provide warehousing and stocking services, and we also provide the tools necessary for the construction of Flex Shafts.

For help on Flex Shafts, or to see a listing of available components, please view our Flexible Shaft Cable catalog here [Pending Update 10/29/14]

If you need a flex shaft built, the first step is to identify the cable. The easiest thing to do is to bring it in or ship it to us. If we cannot get our hands on the cable, we will need to have you tell us several things:

  1. The size of the drive tips (As measured in thousandths of an inch around the base of the shaft)
  2. The thread sizes on the cables nuts (most commonly 7/8” or 5/8”)
  3. Overall Length
  4. Any unusual specifications or components