Counters & Rate Meters

Gilmore Global Instruments has worked with & supplied counters of various types since 1950.  From our custom built Ratemeters to Veeder-Root counters, we have supplied or modified most types of mechanical counters on the market today.

GGI Brand Ratemeters

Gilmore Global manufactures & supplies several different types of ratemeters which are heavily used by our clients in the Oil Industry. Our Ratemeters will accurately track the Barrels per Minute that your pump is processing, and do so for years on end without failure or complaint. Thousands of our units are currently in use worldwide in both domestic and foreign markets.

Veeder-Root Counters

We also specialize in modifying & servicing mechanical Veeder-Root counters. From the oldest units still in service, to the newest models, we can provide a solution to your problem. One of our most common services is to provide a ratio adapter for a counter after the machine it is on has been modified. The ring-angle/ratio adapter will then force the counter to read accurately.