Product Types

Gilmore manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products. Below are our most common product types. For information on a specific product, simply click the category below that you’re looking for.

Adapters (Right Angle, Straight-Through, Off-Set, & Ratio Changing Gearboxes)
Control & Instrumentation Panels (Built to specification)
Control Cables
(Push-Pull, Remote Valve Control, Brake, & Accelerator Cables)
Counters (Veeder-Root Counters, Rate Meters, Wireline Counters)
Electronics (Alarms, Buttons, Circuit Boards, Fuses, Relays, Toggle Switches, etc.)
Flexible Shaft Cables (Speedometer/Tachometer Cables, industrial rotary cables, etc.)
Gauges (All major manufacturers: Stewart Warner, Datcon, Dynalco, VeeThree, etc.)
Governors (Pierce-Lockcraft & Hoof)
Jones Brand Mechanical Tachometers
Lamps, Lights, Diodes (Hobbs, Hella, Cole Hersee, etc.)
Senders (All major manufacturers)
Solenoids (Cole Hersee, Pollak, Synchrostart)
(Pressure, Speed, Temperature, & Vacuum Switches)
Wiring Harnesses (Built to Specification)