OEM Services

Gilmore Global Instruments is a full service provider of engine control and monitoring equipment. We manufacture and distribute an extremely diverse array of products, as well as offering complete design and engineering services.

Mid-sized OEM’s and small businesses are our primary clients, and most of our services are custom tailored to fit the needs of each individual company. For some, we simply supply instruments on a just-in-time basis, for others, we provide a full suite of engineering services and stocking arrangements.

Clients of ours include Pettibone, Caterpillar, John Deere, Cay Power Generators, the U.S. Military, Stewart & Stevenson, and many more. Many of our clients have done business with us for over 35 years.

Gilmore Global Instruments has over 60 years of experience, and we are a recognized industry leader. From the time-honored small business, to the billion dollar company, we faithfully serve each customer with respect, diligence, and reliability.

If you wish to speak with us concerning your business, or on a technical matter, please feel free to contact us. If you wish to set up an account please click here.

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